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Caterino construction company - Cerignola

Civil and industrial building construction, customised renovations

Caterino construction company
Caterino construction company
Caterino construction company

Caterino is a construction company  located in Cerignola, Foggia that has always been a landmark in the construction industry thanks to the reliability and expertise it has gained in over 20 years of work, in addition to the continuous search for innovation and its highly specialized personnel.Its role as a leader is also due to well-consolidated relationships with the most reliable suppliers, its financial solidity, and above all, the great efforts it consistently demonstrates through its works.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Caterino Group is how it developed as an independent entity, limiting its subcontracting to more specialized works and systems. The company also boasts its own modern equipment and specialized personnel from the area where the company is headquartered.Well-known at a national level, the company is proud to be made up of excellent professionals who are prepared and updated by the company with constant training activities and daily injury prevention measures, in compliance with the regulations concerning Safety at construction sites. The Caterino Group is organised and has resources such that it can address both small projects and those of a much larger magnitude throughout Italy, according to its general building experience  and specializations.

With perseverance and planning, the company invests in developing human resources and technologies in order to improve its organisational and productive aspects, and we believe these factors have allowed us to withstand the sudden changes in the construction market in Italy and supported us in terms of growth.All you have to do to learn about all that Caterino has to offer is browse our website, and if you would like to contact our staff, please fill out the form in the "Contacts" section.

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