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Caterino construction company's partnerships

Working alongside industrial groups and real estate companies

Caterino construction company's partnerships

Usually, construction companies target and hope to maintain precise geographic market areas.The Caterino Group, on the other hand, looks beyond its immediate area with great vitality thanks to its know-how and experience acquired through important orders - either as direct contracts or subcontracted - throughout Italy.

The construction company Caterino  of Cerignola, Foggia, counts numerous major partners among its customers, such as industrial groups, real estate companies, construction companies of fundamental national and EU importance, as well as public institutions and private clients.It also pays a great amount of attention to the management of System Quality and SOA certifications, required for participating in public works: this represents the link between the company's various business units which, together with established relationships with financial institutions, allows us to carry out major projects in the construction sector.

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